“Dedicated to Changing the Dynamic”

The First Bridge Foundation was founded as a non-profit service organization in order to assist high net-worth donors, corporations, and private foundations achieve their gift-giving goals. Services are provided free of charge – donations accepted.

Our Programs can be customized to offer economic benefits beyond the usual tax write-offs and estate planning benefits. First Bridge’s professional team will work with you and your legal or financial advisor to craft the best program achievable.

Unique Features

Tax Benefits

Includes the ability to receive a cash distribution equal to the long-term capital gains tax of a contributed stock and/or a standard tax write-off

Flexible Payment Options

Includes the flexibility to pay for a donation using low basis stock, Rule 144 Restricted Stock, and cash

Growth Components

Includes the ability to participate in the stock market, or in the case of a stock donation, the contributed stock’s future price movement

Return of Principal

Includes the ability to receive a full or partial return of principal. By preserving principal, you have the future flexibility to continue supporting your charities or you can reallocate your funds for other purposes. This may be especially important during changing economic conditions.