Corporate Giving Program

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For Public Corporations

Overview – Public Corporation Treasure Stock Programs

Public Corporations face unique dilemmas in regard to charitable giving and corporate social responsibility programs. Often there is significant conflict between corporate leadership and shareholders when considering the support of philanthropic and social causes. Corporations like to support charitable initiatives to increase their public image, employee morale and social responsibility, whereas shareholders are less enthusiastic about giving away what they believe is a portion of their profits.

One-Forty-Four-Plus can help mitigate these challenges. Programs are available that enable the corporation to contribute to their causes using their low basis Treasury Stock rather than cash; all the while participating in the stock’s future upside potential and receiving the other social and moral benefits typically derived from a charitable gift.

By providing these kinds of benefits, objections are overcome and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs can be perpetually funded and expanded; enabling an exponential increase in impact without depletion of cash resources.

Note: Treasury Stock donation programs are untested and will likely require assistance of Corporate Counsel and other professionals. While largely theoretical in implementation, One-Forty-Four-Plus has found no reason a viable corporate gift-giving program using Treasury Stock can’t be formulated. 

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