Donation Enhancement Services

Pure Charity Logo - no shine Hand-drawnFirst Bridge Foundation believes that there is a tremendous untapped potential to further enhance donations  through best in class fundraising strategy and tools while reduction operational and technology expenses.

First Bridge Foundation is working in collaboration with Pure Charity to offer Donor Enhancement Services to help grow the impact of your donations.

Pure Charity is one of the most unique charitable organizations in America. Operating as a Donor Advised Fund, Pure Charity enables anyone to contribute to the charity of their choice.  Utilizing the latest technology platforms, a donor’s contribution can be enhanced through the use of social media and crowdfunding tools.

Additionally, Pure Charity, in association with the First Bridge Foundation, is at the forefront of producing unique donation programs that provide donors with the ultimate in flexibility, including programs that produce economic benefits for the donor while maintaining a high level of support to the donor’s charity of choice.

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