Getting Started

Rather than simply giving a donation directly to your charity and losing out on potential benefits, the First Bridge Foundation can help. We will review your unique requirements (in absolute confidence), and assist you, and/or your financial or legal advisor in structuring your donation utilizing one or more of the many programs that are available to donors, including those unique programs developed by First Bridge.

Finally, if you wish, we will put you in touch with Pure Charity, a unique non-profit organization that operates as a Donor Advised Fund. Utilizing the latest technology, Pure Charity is able to leverage your donation through the use of social media and crowdfunding concepts. This includes the ability to increase the size of your donation, enable the chosen charity to build a larger donor base, and finally, attract more donations from more sources.

Specialty Programs

An Industry Overview

A White Paper report called “Changing the Dynamic” that addresses many of the problems faced by donors and non-profits.

Specialty Programs for Public Corporations

One of the more unique set of programs offered by First Bridge is geared towards publicly traded corporations. These programs allow a public Corporation to make a donation with their low basis Treasury Stock and also receive a return of principal, participation in the upward price of the donated stock, and corporate tax benefits.

Specialty Programs for Foundations

First Bridge offers a number of programs for public and private foundations that enable the foundation to receive a return of principal, participate in the upside of the market, as support charitable causes of their choice, all at the same time.